DLI Resources for Flooding Victims

  • — June 21 2022

The Department of Labor & Industry stands ready to assist individuals and businesses impacted by the flooding in southern Montana. The Montana Department of Commerce has a page of resources available to flooding victims that can be accessed here.

A list of Department-specific resources is below.

Unemployment Insurance

Individuals who have lost work due to flooding may be eligible for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. To file a claim online, visit MontanaWorks.gov. You can also call the Unemployment Insurance Division's Claims Processing Center at (406) 444-2545 if you have questions.


Job Service Montana

Job Service Montana locations can help provide a range of resources to those out of work or seeking work due to this disaster. Individuals impacted can contact Job Service Billings at (406) 652-3080.

WIOA Rapid Response / Dislocated Worker Programs

Through the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA), the Department offers the Dislocated Worker Program which provides a range of placement, training, and supportive services to assist laid-off workers to obtain reemployment. The Department also offers the Rapid Response Program, which is designed to assist workers who are facing loss of employment. This program offers specialized personal service to inform employees of resources, assistance, and help in obtaining or maintaining employment. 

Both programs are free for employees. 

You could be eligible for the Dislocated Worker Program if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have been laid off from a job through no fault of your
  • Is eligible for or has exhausted their Unemployment Insurance (UI) Compensation Benefits
  • Was self-employed but is now unemployed as a result of general economic conditions or natural disasters
  • Lost your job through a business closure, downsizing, or company merger/buyout

Documents needed to apply for assistance through Dislocated Worker Program:

  • Layoff letter, notice of termination, or written statement attesting to layoff
  • A layoff announcement from a newspaper
  • Birth certificate, passport, or proof of U.S. citizenship

Through these two programs our workforce consultants are available to assist impacted employees with career coaching, job search, and if they qualify- help with enrollment, training programs, upskill or even moving into a different career. 

More information on the Dislocated Worker Program and contacting our workforce consultants can be found here. 

Information for Professional Licensees

The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) is taking proactive steps to assist license holders affected by the recent widespread flooding across Montana. Specifically, as outlined in Executive Order #4-2022. License holders who live or work in Carbon, Park, or Stillwater counties and whose renewal deadline occurs within the next thirty (30) days will have any late fees waived. Licensees who fall into this category can contact the DLI at (406) 444-6880 or dlibsdhelp@mt.gov with questions or to request waivers. Additionally, licensees can reach out to their specific board or program to complete their renewal. Contact information for each board and program may also be found here.

We encourage you to share this information with individuals you may know in the impacted areas.

Contact Sam Loveridge: Public Information Officer, Department of Labor and Industry
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